Position Availability Location
Marketing / Communication (intern) 24-40 hours Amsterdam

Looking for that ever-elusive internship that will serve as a proving ground for your awesomeness? Something tells me, if you are reading this, you might be one step closer. We are looking for a marketing/communication protege to help us grow the beautiful brand that is SOWISO. Someone who can make copy as irresistible as freshly baked stroopwafels, content as compelling as the latest Netflix documentary and marketing reports that would earn them a PhD overnight.

Want in? Check out the detailed job description below and shoot us an application.

Your Knightly Duties (Responsibilities)

  • Maintaining our social media accounts by planning and executing a content calendar that beats all other content calendars.
  • Writing blogs that will be considered as literary gold.
  • Conducting market research that are borderline prophecies.
  • Maintaining our online help centre by organising our technical manuals in such a way that it rivals IKEA’s.

Your inherent talents (Requirements)

  • You are currently on your way to obtaining a Marketing/Communication/PR degree at university (WO) or college (HBO) level.
  • Eloquent in Dutch and articulate in English.
  • Experience of maintaining a dominant presence on all social media platforms.
  • Experience of conducting in-depth market research that is as deep as the pacific ocean.
  • Experience of creating marketing reports that are more insightful than Siri and Alexa combined.

Icing on the cake (Nice to haves)

  • Cake
  • Basic knowledge of video editing
  • Basic knowledge of photoshop
  • Love for Nintendo games
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS/Markdown

What do you get in return, you might be wondering?

  • A proving ground for your awesomeness.
  • A possibility of a more permanent position on our team if you prove your awesomeness.
  • An opportunity to be part of an equally awesome Scaleup.
  • A monthly internship compensation.
  • Endless supply of Ramen noodles.
  • A sound system blasting productivity-enhancing music.
  • Daily access to the legendary Nintendo GameCube.

Only individuals are invited to respond. Please do not contact us for sales purposes.

Working at SOWISO

SOWISO is an EdTech company from Amsterdam. We have developed a learning environment for mathematics and science and accompanying digital higher education math courses.

We’re always looking for people to join our team!


What describes working here?



Maths is what we do and what we like



Software as a service, all around the world



Higher education maths and statistics



Nothing is set in stone, both in- and external



A young and agile company with ambition



We are growing, also internationally



An open and friendly working environment



Join us for a game of Mario Kart or Squash!