Personalized Learning

When doing exercises, students can enter open answer calculations or mathematical formulas.

The SOWISO learning environment analyses the students' input and identifies where and what the mistakes are, which enables it to automatically give them hints specific to their learning path. This students get this feedback regardless of their input; whether it's a wrong answer, or a correct step towards the answer.

This means it provides personalized learning, even with large groups. It offers students the personalized help they need while practicing, while allowing the teacher to focus on the creative part of teaching!

SOWISO digital College Calculus course


SOWISO digital College Calculus course

Adaptivity allows students to take their own path through the math content. The platform adapts the learning path of each individual student according to their knowledge level. It does so by constantly analyzing the student's level of comprehension of every topic, and providing easier or harder exercises accordingly. Diagnostic tests provide an insight into which topics are mastered and which ones still need attention.

Instead of a fixed set of exercises, the adaptive platform will select the next exercise based on whether or not the previous exercise was answered correctly. The rate at which exercises will get more difficult is higher than the rate at which exercises get easier.

Using adaptivity is optional.

Learning Analytics

SOWISO offers integral reporting over all facets of a course, with in-depth analyses per subsection.

As a teacher, you are able to get a quick overview of the progress and score of all of your students. You are then able to zoom in on both subchapter, topic, or even individual exercise attempts. Of course, you can also see how one individual is doing.

These learning analytics allow teachers to proactively identify issues, and improve their teaching or curriculum design, by adding more focus on a specific topic, or redesigning a component of the course.

SOWISO digital College Calculus course

Automated Testing

SOWISO digital College Calculus course

Our testing module creates different randomized tests for students, and even checks and grades them. Teachers can act as secondary reviewers and focus their energy on classroom settings, instead of spending too much time on repetitive grading tasks.

Using a large number of settings, teachers can create numerous different types of tests: diagnostic, formative, or even summative. For example, you can change the window of availability, the number of attempts, the minimum passing grade, whether or not the questions are presented in a random order, or assign a password to the test.

It's possible to use our pre-made tests, or create them yourself using either self-made exercises, or SOWISO practice exercises.


Light gamification elements can be enabled by the teacher. Students can earn achievement badges when they complete learning-based challenges.

Badges can be earned for important learning and social tasks, for example 'solve 25 exercises without any mistakes', or 'solve five problems within 50 seconds'. Badges can also be earned for informal tasks to keep the element of fun. Some of these are hidden, and can only be seen once unlocked, adding a sense of surprise to the mix!

Gamification is a great way to not only engage students more in their learning, but also improve the outcomes in doing so.

SOWISO digital College Calculus course


SOWISO digital College Calculus course

Giving students access to material can happen in different ways. Teachers are always able to create a classroom access code or hyperlink, which they can easily send to students.

It's also possible to create an LTI-integration with your Learning Management System (LMS). This allows students to open SOWISO within their LMS. It's also possible to push back grades to the LMS gradebook.

Using the SURFconext integration, teachers and students only need to log in once with their institutional account to obtain secure access to SOWISO and the content you make available to them. So no need to remember two different usernames and passwords!