SOWISO for Higher Education

We’re partnering with higher education educators in math, science, or other mathematics related fields to help digitize their teaching, making it interactive and adaptive.

What we can do for you, or your institution:

  • Use SOWISO's pre-made (pre-)calculus, linear algebra or statistics courses. These are created for our platform and effectively utilize our features to increase learning experiences.

  • The option to use randomized variables in your exercises, which enables endless practicing.

  • Students can use our intuitive digital keyboard to answer with 'open answer' calculations, or mathematical formulas.

  • An insightful reporting environment shows how your students are doing, and even how they tackle exercises.

  • An environment for digital formative and summative assessments. Our platform even checks and grades them, so you only have to act as a secondary reviewer!

and more.


Fundamental mathematics courses

Calculus courses

Coming soon

##\begin{pmatrix}a_{11} & a_{12} \\ a_{21} & a_{22}\end{pmatrix}##

Linear Algebra
##\bar{X}= \frac{1}{n} \sum _{\mathrm{i}=1}^{n}\left({X}_{\mathrm{i}}\right)##