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Our platform provides your students with immediate personalized feedback while they are solving exercises. SOWISO doesn't just identify mistakes, but it also knows where the mistakes are made. This is how we ensure a truly adaptive and personalized learning environment.

Our easy-to-use authoring tool enables teachers to easily integrate their already existing lessons, enriching them with interactive features only available in the digital world. Or you can simply use our pre-made courses!

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Personalized learning

Students are both challenged and supported when and where they need it. They get a true adaptive and personalized learning experience, even in large heterogeneous groups.

Personalized learning

Help on demand

Help is available in the form of hints that adapt to the answers of the student. If the student gets stuck, a detailed explanation together with the solution can be asked.

Help on demand

Learning analytics

Our progress reports give detailed insight in student and class performance. Report breakdowns are available on progress, skill or activity.

Learning analytics





Automated testing

An embedded testing module creates different types of randomized tests. The system automatically checks and grades the tests. The teacher can act as a second corrector.

Automated testing





Cloud based

All SOWISO Digital Math Courses can be accessed on any device from anywhere. Export to pdf, docx, and LaTeX for off-line use is also possible.

Cloud based





The Digital Math Courses are competitively priced, at a fraction of the regular textbook price.




SOWISO works on every device

SOWISO is responsive and works on every device

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Our solution provides intelligent, personalized feedback while students solve math problems. This means we foster real personalized learning, even with large groups.

Correcting homework and (practice) tests is not necessary anymore.

How many exercise types do you support?

We have 23 exercise types. Apart from so-called open answers (calculations or mathematical expressions), we have multiple choice, graphical input (e.g. lines and vectors), drag-and-drop, essay type exercises, and even crossword puzzles! You can see them all in our demo!

Does your platform support tests as well?

Yes, for every chapter in our SOWISO courses there is a pre-made formative and summative test. The chapters also contain a large number of random practice exercises, which can be made over and over again. Educators can also choose to design their own tests with our easy-to-use authoring environment.

What kind of hardware do I need?

Everything is stored ‘in the cloud.’ This means you only need a computer or tablet with a working internet connection. We also have an Android app showing theory pages and learning analytics!

Do you only offer solutions for higher education?

Our own courses are written for higher education, but can be used for secondary education AP classes as well. We also partner with publishers who use our technology to digitize their own secondary education content. Read more about that here.

Do I need both your platform and your courses?

No, you can use only our platform and create your own content if you so wish. However, we do offer our own courses for those who want to use them.

How are your courses developed?

Content cannot be seen separate from technology. Our solution offers the best from both worlds. Our courses, written by our SOWISO authors, make optimal use of the interactive, personalized and adaptive functionalities of our platform. Hence, they provide a truly personalized learning experience.

In what languages are your platform and courses available?

Our platform is available in English, Dutch and Norwegian. Our own SOWISO courses are available in English and Dutch. However, we do offer localization services to publishers of educational content. Please contact us with your languages related questions:

+31 20 752 0000
Can I export or print out parts of your courses?

Yes, a simple click will provide an instance of each chapter, theory page or exercise. Exporting your content to pdf, docx, and LaTeX for offline use is possible.

What is the difference between a MOOC and your solution?

A MOOC mostly contains theory, for example as video-lectures. The strength of our solution lies in our interactive elements, like exercises and tests, which offer immediate personalized feedback where needed. This is something a traditional MOOC can never offer.

What does your solution cost?

The price for our platform starts at €5 per account per year. The price for our courses also start at €5 per user per year; a fraction of the price of regular textbooks.

Do you partner with publishers too?

Yes, we do. Read more about it on our publisher page.

Do you offer live demos?

Yes, we do. If you have any other questions or need an extensive live demo at your university, please drop us a line. We would love to come visit and show all of the possibilities!

+31 20 752 0000

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    University of Amsterdam
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    Leiden University
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About us


SOWISO is a Dutch edtech company, founded in 2010. Together with our clients we jointly take education to the next level, so it fits today's generation of students and teachers. We engage in multiple open innovation projects and have a worldwide network of Academic and Business partners. We offer:

An interactive and adaptive e-learning platform

Digital courses

Technology for educational publishers

SOWISO is a proud member of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, the SUN Amsterdam and The Dutch School.