OMPT - Annual Report 2019

The OMPT is a collection of online proctored mathematics tests for university admissions offices. They can use these tests to manage the diverse influx of incoming (international) applicants. Specifically, the tests are used to show that the applicant has a mastery of basic mathematics sufficient to be eligible for enrolment.

Why take admissions testing online?

OMPT tests are not given on fixed locations, dates, and times. Applicants can choose when and where to take the test. And for many international applicants, being able to take an exam in their own bedroom beats having to pay for expensive flights, boarding and lodging to take an on-campus exam. And we’re not even mentioning the resources universities need to organize the test themselves!

Data admissions period 2019

There were two types of tests avaiable during this period: OMPT-A and OMPT-B.

  • OMPT-A covers topics from simple algebra to differentiation.
  • OMPT-B adds trigonometry and integration, with less weight on questions test-takers might have studied in the middle school.

Check out the syllabi here!

In its second year, the OMPT organized 250 online exams, which were taken by 182 individual students. See their distribution below.

Student distribution 2019 - OMPT

OMPT test-takers come from all over the globe. Data is based on timezone in which the first attempt was scheduled.

Students are able to take multiple attempts, up to a maximum of three. The OMPT is useful for admissions offices because it separates students into three main groups:

  • Students who take the exam once and get a good grade. These are students you want to admit to your program!
  • Students who take the exam multiple times, and still can’t get a passing grade. Those are students you do not want to admit.
  • Students who take the exam multiple times, and eventually score a passing grade. You also want to be aware of these students: they might not have had the same topics in their own high school curriculum, but they are diligent and capable.

On average, we noticed grades go up when students take multiple attempts.

Tests attempts OMPT

Average score per test, taking into account only those who needed a resit. What’s interesting about the OMPT is that we allow universities to set their own minimum passing grade. We have found that most programs opt for a minimum of 65% or 75%, depending on how math-heavy their curriculum is. They can also choose how many attempts a students can take, but so far everyone is in agreement that 3 attempts is the sweet spot!

Practice makes perfect!

The OMPT gives students the option to practice for their test by offering fitting practice material, as well as a mock exam. Almost every student made eager use of these resources. On average, students who took the OMPT-A completed 963 practice exercises!

Practice data OMPT

Average amount of exercises completed per applicant. The different graphs represent the different participating universities.

Satisfied test-takers

How well did the practice material prepare you for your exam? | 77% How likely are you to recommend the practice material to future test-takers? | 86% How well did the mock exam prepare you for your exam? | 67% How likely are you to recommend the mock exam to future test-takers? | 81% How likely are you to recommend the OMPT to future university applicants? | 79%

Students also gave us some insights into why they chose to take the OMPT:

  • “I could take the test anywhere & at any time” – 27.4%
  • “The OMPT included practice material” – 19.4%
  • “The OMPT included a mock exam” – 17.7%
  • “The OMPT allowed for multiple attempts” – 14.5%
  • “My university didn’t offer any other options to prove my mathematical skills” – 11.3%
  • “It was the most affordable option” – 9.7%

What’s next?

We have some interesting plans for the upcoming 12 months, which include creating additional tests to add to our roster, as well as working together with universities outside of the Netherlands.

Make sure to keep an eye out for more updates!

Want to know more?

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