21 januari 2021
10 years of SOWISO

A brief overview of how SOWISO has been improving the STEM learning experience over the last ten years

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15 januari 2021
Striving towards Mastery in Mathematics Classrooms

Learn how to incentivize and nurture mastery instead of passing grades in your math classrooms.

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9 november 2020
Learning Scaffolding in Mathematics and Statistics classrooms

Using digital technology to implement learning scaffolds that better support students.

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15 oktober 2020
Giving More Support To Students While Saving Teachers Time

How digital technology can make teachers’ and students’ lives easier in first year mathematics and statistics classrooms.

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2 oktober 2020
Why Passing Grades Don’t Work For Mathematics

Lars van Boeijen, of Erasmus University, tells us what makes mathematics different and why passing grades actually impede students from mastering the subject.

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22 september 2020
How Online Exams with Remote Invigilation Can Benefit Your Admissions Department

With travel restrictions and remote teaching protocols, online admissions exams are the way forward for university admission departments.

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7 September 2020
How can feedback reduce math anxiety in first-year students?

Reducing math anxiety in first-year college and university students by having automated and personalized feedback.

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7 augustus 2020
Waarom wiskunde onderwijzen zojuist lastiger is geworden

Waarom wiskunde en statistiek onderwijzen moeilijk is en waarom het zojuist nog uitdagender is geworden voor docenten.

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18 mei 2020
Alles wat je als docent moet weten voor het online aanbieden van wiskunde en statistiek lessen.

van toelating tot een opleiding, tot het cursusaanbod en learning analytics.

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